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The average yearly salary for Biopsychologist is $68,850. If you are just beginning to work a new job as a Biopsychologist, you could expect a starting pay rate of $56,700 annually. As is true for most jobs and careers, you can expect your hourly pay rate or salary to increase as you gain experience and the longer you are employed with the same employer. You could potentially make an average income of around $81,000 after several years on the job with increased wages. When pursuing your career of choice, you should compare salaries of similar professions and factor in variables such as health benefits and potential for raises and promotions over time.

Yearly Biopsychologist Pay Statistics

Average Yearly Biopsychologist Salary

$55,080 - $82,620

Starting Yearly Biopsychologist Salary

$45,360 - $68,040

Top Yearly Biopsychologist Salary

$64,800 - $97,200

Monthly Biopsychologist Pay Statistics

Average Monthly Biopsychologist Salary

$4,590 - $6,885

Starting Monthly Biopsychologist Salary

$3,780 - $5,670

Top Monthly Biopsychologist Salary

$5,400 - $8,100

Hourly Biopsychologist Pay Statistics

Average Hourly Biopsychologist Salary

$25 - $37

Starting Hourly Biopsychologist Salary

$20 - $30

Top Hourly Biopsychologist Salary

$29 - $43

Biopsychologist Gender and Age Stats

Some professions tend to be geared toward various age groups of workers and certain genders more than others. The average Biopsychologist age in the United States is 42 years old. As it pertains to men vs women, 49% of Biopsychologist are male in the United States, and 51% of the Biopsychologist are female in the United States.

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